Living with anxiety

This post is a little bit deeper and more personal than most post your going to see on here but i want to write this as i know a lot of people do struggle with mental illnesses and i wish at the time when i was first diagnosed i could read a post, a blog or have something to give me tips or tricks to help deal and understand what is actually going on.

So i was diagnosed with anxiety and depression when i was 12 years old going through all the proper channels having therapy all that stuff, they said it was down to my hormones changing that why i was feeling the way i was, was bullshit, now i’m 21 and still fighting that battle. Depression is out the window now but my anxiety is through the roof, I began therapy again in 2016 getting the real help i needed which started with normal therapy and now i am currently having cognitive brain therapy sounds scary right? Its the total opposite i have never had help like this my therapist is brilliant. But i’m more proud of myself for how far i have come with in the year and here are some things that have helped me blossom, these tricks may not help everyone and you have to put your heart and soul into making yourself a happier and more positive person.

First thing that has helped me a lot is meditating, sounds really cheesy but honestly the tension that gets released when meditating is honestly magical, if your in a situation and you feel a panic attack coming on, doing breathing techniques have really helped me out and helped my body relax and stop the panic attack.

Another trick is to notice when you feel the anxiety coming on for example to me i feel it coming up in my chest and when you feel this instead of thinking of ”what if”, challenge your mind and try to think of the positive things that could happen, this technique does take time to train your brain to do this.


Sleep is the bane of my life, i am always tired i struggled to get to sleep and wake up multiple times in the night no matter if i went to bed at 9 o’clock or 11 o’clock i will still wake up tired and have little energy. To help me sleep i read before bed or do a night time meditation also i used the famous lush sleepy body butter and lavender sprays.


Lastly you need to encourage yourself to become a positive person and surround yourself with people who make you happy, lift your spirits and are positive. To encourage myself to become a more positive person i downloaded an app called Day One and within this app i put down one positive thing that happened within that day, it could be anything from finding a new series to watch or seeing your friends or something good happening in work, what ever made you happy in that day you write down.

I hope this helps at least one of you and like i said earlier this is just somethings that have helped me through my struggles, if you have any other tips on dealing with anxiety please let me know i’d love to give them ago.

Thank you

Love You All

Paige Hannah


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