October Favs 2017

Welcome back guys as you can probably tell from the title this post is an October favourites, so what i have been loving in the month of October. October is my favourite month of the year anyways as I love autumn and everything that comes with it like the fresh air, the fashion, how beautiful the outdoors looks with the reds and oranges of the tree, its just a beautiful time of year and oh we cant forget halloween my favourite holiday of them all.

First things I have been loving this month is my pumpkin pie candle it was only super cheap around 3 or 4 pound from Tesco but it smells amazing you can even smell it when it isn’t lit which is always a bonus. I love a good candle it just add calmness and relaxing vibes to a room when a candle is lit. Whilst taking about candles i need to mention my incence’s and for those of you who don’t know what an incence is, its a stick which you put in to a insence holder, light it and then let it burn down a bit then blow it out and the stick will burn down and release strong scents of which ever scent you have chosen. I love getting mine from a little shop called clouds and they do crazy smells like candy floss or bubblegum.

Next thing is my Autumn bedding I bought this last year from Asda, Asda always have brilliant room decor especially for the different seasons and which is really affordable. I am always really picky about my bedding cause when you walk into a room thats the biggest key feature so good bedding really set this theme and mood to a room.

Next i have a few make up items, as it was only my birthday a couple of months ago i haven’t bought much makeup this month which is an achievement for me haha. The one thing i did buy is the all so famous ‘Hoola bronzer’, after hearing so so so many good reviews on this bronzer and it being a lot of people holy grail bronzer, obviously I had to give it a try. I bought this from Boots and i only got a mini just to try out which was only £12.50 which is a steal as it is Benefit. Another product i wanted to tell you guys about is a ‘BB cream’ I received in my monthly Birch Box, before i tried this I hated BB creams. I didn’t like the coverage or the consistency and I felt like they just didn’t do anything at all, but when i tried this Marcelle BB cream it changed my views on it as its a thicker consistency than other ones I have used but its buildable coverage which is brill as you can have it more natural or build it to the cover you want. It also gives you a golden glow as it also doubles as an illuminator. Full size of this is £25.50 but i can only find it on the birch box website as the Marcelle company only ship to France and USA. Above is the finish i got when using the cream and the bronzer.

Next we will move on to my fashion favourites, I have been loving wearing mini skirts all styles of mini skirts leather, denim or suede with knee high boots as it keeps you warm as you have most of your legs covered but your still showing a bit of skin. Then the next fashion favourite is hoop earrings and big hoops earrings, i just love how a big pair of earrings can shape your face a little bit more.

Lastly its Tv shows and games, so as much of a girly girl i am with my fashion and makeup i also have a bit of a geeky side, I love gaming the game i have been loving this month is ‘Fortnite’ which is a multiplayer game where your dropped on a map with nothing and you have to loot houses to get gear and kill other people within the map, you start with 100 and you have to get to the last person alive to win the game. The Tv shows I have been loving is ‘Designated Survivor’, this starts off when the president dies and some ordinary civilian has to become the new president as there was attack which killed all the major politicians. It sounds so much more rubbish than it actually is but honestly give it a try. Next is ‘Freakish’ which i found as the trailer was on facebook but it came out 2016 and they have only just made the second season but basically its about a town which is next to a power plant, a fire breaks out and it explodes and releases toxic gas which turns humans into zombies, i don’t wanna give too much away but i am hooked. Lastly is Zoo which is about animals which i’m gonna love anyways haha ( BIG animal fan). The animals are beginning to mutate and become stronger and faster, they also don’t see humans as a threat anymore and are starting to join with other species to wipe out villages and cities. There is a group of people which are brought together for there different qualities who are told to contain and hopefully revert the animals back to normal. It is also a remake of a James Patterson book for all you crime lovers out there.

Thank you

Lots of Love

Paige Hannah


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