My current favourite products.

Welcome back guys today i am writing to tell you all my favourite products or as some of you may know the phrase ”Holy Grail” products, this is any product from makeup to skin care to hair products and just overall items i am loving and have been loving for a long time.

First lets start with make up as this is the most exciting, all these products will always be in my make up bag to take with me on my travels. Product number 1 has to be my Anastasia beverly hills brow pomade in the shade Dark brown. I love this stuff as its so good for carving out a good shape for your eyebrows and is easy to blend to give you killer brows. You can buy this from beauty bay or cult beauty for £19.00 and its so worth it cause it last so long.


Next up we have foundation, my ultimate favourite is my Makeup Forever ultra HD stick and the shade I chose was Y375 which is is quite a thick foundation and has full coverage but i love this product a little definitely goes a long way. With this stick its super easy to blend and gives you a flawless finish, it might not be everyones cup of tea but if your looking for a good glowing high coverage foundation then give it ago you can find this at Debenhams for £30.00.

Lets talk eyeshadows now, my favourite part about makeup is that i love to play around and try new and bold eye looks. My favourite eyeshadows at the moment is a few single pot shadows, i have four i am going to talk about but honestly i could sit here all day talking about eyeshadows. All these eyeshadows are very easy to blend and are very pigmented. The first eyeshadow is from Kiko and its one of there wet and dry pigments in shade 36 which is a gorgeous redish orange shade. The next shadow is from Nyx and this is in the shade butternut caramel which is this bright yellow colour, this shadow will need some building but with the right amount of layers it is a super bright yellow or you can also put a white shadow underneath so then you don’t have to build as much. The third eyeshadow is from illamasqua which can be found on beauty bay this eyeshadow is in the shade Daemon and is a bright deep red and last but not least we have an eyeshadow from peaches and cream and this is a loose eyeshadow in the shade pearl this is an interesting one as it is a sparkly white powder but when placed on the eye it has speckles of pink in it when it catches in the light it is honestly a beautiful eyeshadow.


My last makeup product is a brand of lipsticks which is Jeffree Starr cosmetics, I’ve been obsessed with these since I tried my best friends liquid lipsticks and i fell in love with Jeffree Star the formula, usually with liquid lipsticks they can be super drying on the lips but with the star formula they are wearable all day long the light shades last all day some of the darker shades such as weirdo and crocodile tears may need topping up but honestly there amazing. Some of my favourites shades are crocodile tears which a dark green, leo which a light brown and Unicorn blood which smells amazing i wish i could describe it for you but i really cant haha. You can purchase Jeffree star products off beauty bay or cult beauty for £12.00 to £16.00 depending on the colour.


I have three products left to talk about one skin care and two hair products so lets get in to it. The skin care product i swear buy is my Mario Badescu drying lotion which does wonders for spots, pretty much all you have to do is get a small amount on a cotton bud and put it on your spot and leave it over night and it does what it says on the bottle, it dries the spot out.  You can buy this from beauty bay for only £16.00 and it lasts so so long cause your using a tiny bit each time. Hair care products that i always use are my wet brush which is so helpful if you have long thick hair or if your hair gets alot of knots as this brush has special bristles which makes its easier to get rid of them knots without making your eyes water, girls know the pain. My wet brush was ordered off amazon for £7.00, honestly this brush is a life saver. Last product i love is the R+Co High Dive hair moisturiser, i love this stuff as it smells amazing and also keeps my hair healthy and less frizzy, just apply a small amount on your hands and run it through your hair. You can get this from Harvey Nichols for £22.95.

Thank you all for reading

Lots Of Love

Paige Hannah


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