My Top Ten

Hi guys and gals welcome back, hope your all doing well this blog post is about getting to know me a little bit more and also to give you a few suggestion and ideas to try new things so let’s get started.


First I’m going to tell you my all time top 10 favourite songs, my genre of music is pop,punk and indie so expect a crazy playlist here hahah.

1. Are you going to be my girl?- Jet my all time favourite song this song is truly my jammmmmm!

2. Pong song

3. High school never ends – Bowling for soup

4. Dani California- Red hot chilli peppers

5. Turn me on- Kevin Lyttle

6. Ocean Avenue- Yellow Card

7. Ride- Twenty One Pilots

8. Temperatures- Sean Paul

9. Blue eyes- Mike

10. The Middle – Jimmy Eats World

They were not in order but you should defo check it out. Next up we have my favourite which is tv shows so here is my all time favourite tv shows.


1. House

House is about a doctor who is literally the Sherlock Holmes in the medical world everyday he’s solving medical mysteries whilst tricking and causing mayhem with his colleagues and best friend.

2. Greys Anatomy

Another hospital one but more focused on the people and there every day lifes and of course there drama what can you expect.

3. IZombie

IZombie is about a girl who is infected by a drug which turns her into a zombie , she needs to find a cure to save herself whilst trying to control her urge to eat brains and she has to change her life completely, she did this by breaking up with her fiancée so he doesn’t figure out what she is and also to keep him safe so it doesn’t happen to him, she quits training as a heart surgeon to work in a morgue to adjust to her new life. Also another cool detail whoever’s brain she eats she gets their traits so if there a gambler she become a gambler or if they was an artist she would become an artist and so on. She would get all the good and bad traits.

4. Fringe

This one is a little harder to explain so I’m just gonna leave the plot here.

FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham is assigned to the bureau’s Fringe Division, in which she investigates unusual crimes and occurrences. Assisting Olivia in her investigations are once-institutionalized scientist Dr. Walter Bishop, his jack-of-all-trades son, Peter, and FBI Junior Agent Astrid Farnsworth. As the team investigates cases of science gone awry, they discover connections to their own past and to a parallel universe. As the team solves cases in these interconnected worlds, new discoveries and complications continue to arise.

5. Limitless

This one is super cool and it’s about a low life musician who takes a pill which can give your brain photographic memory, the ability to process information and learn new things a lot quicker and also can recall everything that has happened in their life. When taking this pill he begins to help solve crimes working with the FBI.

6. CSI

Does this even need a description I think not but here we go CSI is basically what it says in the name it’s a tv show about crime scene investigations and a old school one but defiantly worth the watch. They show you the techniques and skills that go through looking at the evidence and matching it to the killer.

7. Riverdale

Riverdale is about a high school where a jock is murdered, the storyline is around a group of kids trying to solve the murder and it also has the usual high school drama such as romance, friends, fall outs and breakups I am so bad at explaining things but you get the gist hahah.

8. Person of interest

Person of interest is about a guy called Finch who creates a supercomputer that can watch cctv and assess people and detect whether they are a threat then the computer sends this information to himself. Finch decided he wanted to do good with the information so he joins forces with ex CIA Reese to help assess the situation and stop the threats.

9. Pretty little liars

Everyone should of heard of this one. This story line is about a group of girls and one of their friends is murdered. A few years later they begin receiving texts from a unknown person named ‘A’, the girls try to figure out who is tormenting them whilst trying to stay safe and alive.

10. Lie to me

Lie to me is about a man who can tell if someone is lying by examining the expressions and movements on their face. He works with the police to help solve crimes whilst dealing with his family and personal life.

If you guys liked this post and wanted more suggestions maybe my top ten films, books or day to day things then please let me know by just leaving a comment.

Thank you all for reading

Lots of love

Paige Hannah


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