Date night ideas in Manchester.

Welcome Guys and Gals.

This weeks blog is in collaborations with a company called ‘Just Moved To’ this is a blog with everything about Manchester so if your looking for ideas of things to do in Manchester or looking to move here and want to learn more about it then you should definitely go check them out. All their information will be linked below. Seen as i am a Mancunian myself i am writing with them to bring you some date night ideas to do within Manchester lets get started. If you want the address for these places then they will all be listed down below.

escape rooms

First idea is Escape room, this is where you get locked in a room for an hour and theres lots of puzzles and riddles that you must figure out, the aim is to get out before the time runs out. This is lots of fun i loved it when i did it with my sister, her partner and my boyfriend and yes we did it with less than a second to spare haha.

Next is a basic idea but the Odeon Cinema you can get popcorn and drinks and they even have some arcade machines and dance machines so you have something to pass the time whilst waiting for your film. At Odeon you can get a limitless card if you frequently go to the cinemas for 17.99.



Another fun activity what you can do is ‘Junkyard golf’, its pretty much CRAZY GOLF with a twist. You go from course to course and have to overcome obstacles made from everyday items all the way down to cars. It is an enjoyable experience which is just as fun with 2 people as it is with a large group of people. Everything also glows in the dark!


The laundrette is a cute little restaurant by day and a cocktail bar by night. They sell everything from bagels and omelettes to pizzas and burgers. Personally what I think one of the best things about this place which you don’t really find around is the crazy drinks that they make, these includes things like ice cream and cotton candy.

Christmas markets. This pretty much speaks for itself, every year around Manchester they host several different stalls which sell everything from christmas decorations, personalised clothes, jewellery and even skin care so every possibility is covered. They also have everybody’s favourite food and drink whether you like to have a hot chocolate in the winter or if you preferred to have hot mulled wine to get into the christmas spirit then this is definitely a place to go.

Another christmassy one is the Manchester Ice Rink which comes around at the end of every year, this pretty much speaks for itself. Its open throughout November and December, they also have themed equipment such as penguins which is there if your not as confident but still want to enjoy the experience.

science 2

For all you science geeks out there like myself or someone who wants to try something a little different then I think that the Museum of Science and Industry would be perfect for you, it even accommodates for kids as they have interactive games, a fly simulator, trains and many talks for the people who are interested in the different parts of the museum. Also its free!

If your looking for something a little more adventurous than what we have previously mentioned then definitely check out IFly, this is an indoor sky diving centre which you go into and get the experience of a lifetime without the fear of jumping out of a plane so it can be suited for anyone. It isn’t the cheapest thing you can do but if you wanted to do something special or if you have always been interested but too nervous to do it then this is one for you.

Next up we have Heaton Park which is an ideal day out for couples although it is definitely still family friendly. There is so much to do such as a Petting farm which includes feeding some of the animals such as the lambs, a large lake which you can row your own boat around surrounded by plenty of ducks and then after all the excitement they have a large grass area which you can sit down for a nice picnic in the summer or if you would rather sit in then they have plenty of kiosks which sell food and drinks.

Have you ever been planning a date night and been torn between a bar and going bowling? Well look no further as Dog-bowl is perfect for you. It works as both a bar and bowling alley separately or if you choose you can do them together. It also serves food so you can’t go wrong.

alchemist 2

The alchemist is home to some of the coolest and weirdest cocktails Manchester has to offer, they not only serve your cocktails in beakers and shots in test tubes, they incorporate science by making drinks that change colour and when the colour changes the taste does too.

Just Move To –

Twitter- @justmoveto_uk


Escape Room- 1-7 Chapel Street

Odeon Cinema- 235 Deansgate

Junkyard Golf- 1 First Street

The Laundrett- 32 Beech Street

Christmas Markets- Albert Square

Ice Rink- First Street

Museum of Science and Indrustry- Liverpool Road

IFly- 9 Trafford Way

Heaton Park- Middleton Road

Dog Bowl- Whitworth Street

Alchemist- 3 Hardmen Street

Thank you all for reading

Love you Lots

Paige Hannah



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