Learn to love yourself.

Hey guys and gals!

Let’s talk body confidence I think everyone has worried and stressed about they way the look and their body image, whether your male or female, and it’s not always people worrying that there ‘fat’ a lot of men and women also stress about being to thin and not having a figure but your not alone. Anyways I’m rambling but here I present you with my story and journey of body confidence and how I grew to love each and every part of my body.

Well I have always been very curvy my mum had wide hips and so do me and my sister but most of my family are thin, they have flat stomachs and thinner legs and when I was in school I realised I wasn’t the same I had a chubby belly and my thighs touched and I had basically no bum like an ironing board I wouldn’t really say I was bullied about my weight or size but it was a very touchy subject for me to talk about with my family and friends and if someone did ever insult my body image it would effect me for what felt like a life time. Then when my mum died and I went through some hard times with depression and anxiety things got amplified and I was in a really dark place doing things I really regret. But darkness aside I got through it and here is some things that’s helped me.

I learned the different types of clothing flattered my body and make me feel fabulous for example high waisted jeans and mom jeans, before mom jeans were in fashion i used to wear my dads jeans that were to big for him as they went high wasted and flared and I rock them and felt like a million dollars. They just really complimented my figure. A harder thing that helped me was realising that it was me who was body shaming and me who was causing me to see myself bigger than I was. Another thing is I realise to be grateful that I have a body that can walk, run, dance and do the things i enjoy doing as some people don’t have that freedom.

Instead of picking out all the things you hate about your body focus on all the things you love about yourself for example I love my big brown eyes and my hair.

One thing that may help you is pampering yourself , making yourself glam and wearing your favourite clothes that make you feel special and beautiful. Moisturise your body or put some tan on, plan an event or a day out wear you can doll yourself up take lots of photos and love yourself.

Lastly you need to build your confidence and listen to your own opinions and ignore what other people say or think, in a couple of years them people may not be in your life but you still will, you should wear what you want and rock it if you feel beautiful it will show and shine to the rest of the world. Once I realised this and began not caring if other people liked the way I dressed or how I looked I was a much happier person.

I hope this post helped some of you and you can grow and flourish to become a beautiful happy person!🌳

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love

Paige Hannah


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