Get to know me!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while iv truly been slacking over the Christmas period but since starting my blog I realised I haven’t done a get to know me! I find these post important and interesting as you learn more about me and find common interests and likes, even thought this is mainly a lifestyle blog I have many other interests that may surprise you so let’s jump right in to it.

1. Full name- Paige Hannah Hamlett

2. Zodiac sign- Leo

3. Fears- clowns, germs and anxiety returning

4. 3 things I love – Makeup, Tv shows and Animals

5. Best friend- Ebony best friend of 8 years since high school.

6. Last song I listened to – High school never ends by bowling for soup.

7. 4 turn on’s – funny, beards, loyal and caring

8. 4 turn offs- rude, fake, not ambitious and boring.

9. Underwear colour- Black

10. How many tattoos and piercings- 5 tattoos and 6 piercings. Ear lobes, Stretched ear, Labret, Nose, Nipple.

First tattoo is again out of my fav comic mad love, it’s when Harley Quinn is a therapist and she has the joker as a patient and she begins falling in love with him and this is one of her doodles of her love for him.

Seconds tattoo is the first tattoo I ever got and it is a tattoo for my beautiful mum who loved pandas and so do I which is our special connection and I wanted it to be apart of me forever.

Next tattoo is my moon tattoo which me and my sister got together, I got the moon and she got the sun, we are very close like best friends and we are always looking after each other.

4th tattoo is an Aloma which represents how much i have overcome and grown through in my life and is a reminder that I am stronger than I think I am.

Lastly I have my worse tattoo which I really don’t like but it’s super hard to cover. This is a leg tattoo which says friends, I got this when I was young and foolish.

11. Something I really want- To visit Germany

12. Relationship status- Taken for 5 years with my beautiful boy Anthony, we met in college I hated him at first I thought he was very cocky but the more I got to know him the more I grew to love him and now I couldn’t live without him.

13. Favourite Films- Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets and The little mermaid.

14. Favourite Song- The Jets- Are you gonna be my girl.

15. 3 things that make me happy- my family, my boyfriend and my pets.

16. Relationship with parents- My dad is my rock looked after and brought up two teenage girls on his own honestly my hero and my mum passed away in 2008 due to pancreatic cancer but she was loving and bubbly and always had a smile on her face. Both my parents are inspirations on how i wanna be in life.

17. Favourite Holiday- Turkey 2014 with my dad, sister and boyfriend. First holiday as an adult being able to visit the night life and made some amazing friends.

18. Favourite animals- Pandas, Stingrays and Dogs.

19. My pets- A husky cross Akita called Ariel she’s my baby, a mongrel called Chocolate who’s the momma of the group and my little Herman tortoise called Mr J after my favourite comic mad love with Harley Quinn and the joker.

20. My Job- Nursery Nurse

21. Future goals- To build up courage to start YouTube and to travel more and have more adventures.

22. Favourite Food- Mayonnaise I have it on everything!

23. What I did yesterday- chilled in bed watching scorpion and cuddling my doggy.

24. Celebrity Crush- Jason Momoa

25. How many kids I want- 1 maybe 2

26. Do I smoke? Yes super bad habit.

27. Favourite games- guitar hero, Sherlock Holmes and Call of Duty.

28. One thing I wanna learn- knitting

29. A collection I have- pop vinyls I have over 100 haha.

30. Comment down below any other questions you wanna know.

Thank you all for reading.

Lots of love

Paige Hannah


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