Cheshire oaks haul

Hey my lovely’s, today your in for a treat of a cheeky little haul, yesterday I visited an outlet park in Chester called Cheshire oaks this outlet park has high end brands for a discounted price they are the real thing not dupe stuff it’s just they buy them in bulk and once it’s gone it gone haha anyways I’m rambling let’s get in to it.

First item I got was a little makeup goodie they had a makeup shop with brands like Clinique, Mac, Bobbi Brown and a few others so i decided to give a new foundation a try, iv used Mac foundations in the past and they give me spots so i decided to try a Bobbi brown foundation stick cause as you all probably know I love my makeup forever one haha. Bobbi Brown skin foundation stick- £21.75

Then I visited a little shop with lots of drug store brands which sold things like makeup, fake tan and brushes, so I thought I’d pick up a few basic things I got the Bondi sans fake tan in dark, I’m not a big fake tan person I usual just wear it when I’m going out whether it’s a night out or an event but the medium one doesn’t really do much as I’m Olive skinned anyways, plus if your putting fake tan on you wanna look like you’ve just been away to a tropical country am I right haha then I got a new fake tan mitt as mine was falling apart haha. The last thing I bought was a new pair of tweezers.

Bondi sands fake tan Dark- £10.00

Application mitt- £2.99

Brush works tweezers- £1.99

Next shop we visited was Calvin Klein. I was looking for a jumper or sliders for my sisters birthday but it was all men’s which were too big for her as she’s tiny haha so I took a venture into the underwear department and we all know how comfy and good Calvin Klein’s are so I treated myself to a new bralett.

For my boyfriend we visited Ralph Lauren he doesn’t usually wear this kind of stuff but i wanted to treat him as it was Valentine’s Day he’s more of a Nike and Addias kinda of boy haha. He picked up two tops a grey tshirt with a black logo and a charcoal tshirt with a red logo.

Grey Ralph Lauren tshirt- £24.99

Charcoal Ralph Lauren tshirt- 16.99

Last shop we visited was the deal of the day honestly such a good price and I didn’t personally get this my sister did but I needed to include this for all you bag lovers. The shop we visited was Micheal Kors and there was a big over the shoulder bag and it was so nice, had the logo and everything and you will never guess the price I’m still in shock at how good the price was! Are you ready? It was £65.00!! I bet your thinking what’s wrong with the bag or is it a cheap dupe but just look at the picture down below.

That’s all I bought from Cheshire oaks thank you for reading and let me know on instagram or Twitter if you want more hauls! Makeup and outfit for yesterday’s shopping trip down below. Outfit and makeup details are on my Instagram click the pictures to see the details!

Lots of my love you beautiful humans

Paige Hannah


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