Full face of favourite products.

Welcome back guys and gals hope we’re having an amazing weekend this blog is my current fav products but a whole face of them some of them I have spoken about before and some maybe new to the blog but let’s get into it.

First we shall start with preparing the skin so skin care, my current fav is the L’Oréal fine flower milk and toner these are simple to use you just put a little on a cotton pad and cleanse all over. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth and minimises pores which is always a good thing am I right!

Next primers and foundations i like to use are the Studio Mac plus to prime my skin it’s refreshing and keeps my makeup on all day without going oily and greasy. I have two products for foundation as i like to mix them the first being Makeup forever HD foundation stick which I have spoke about millions of times before it’s a full coverage foundation it can be quite thick but when it drys it doesn’t feel like you have anything on. The next one was in my last post my Cheshire oaks haul and this is the Bobbi Brown foundation stick this is a more medium coverage but it’s buildable and again stays on all day and gives your skin a nice glow.

Concealer and powder next. Firstly my trusty pro conceal, this is super affordable and can be found on beauty bay and this is just amazing it doesn’t crease under my eyes and brightens and smooths everything over it is just perfection. Then I use the Mac prep and prime powder this was my first high end powder and I love it, I don’t use powder a hell of a lot I just use it to bake my under eyes and to carve a little bit on the jaw, but this does not fail It doesn’t leave flash back aswell which we all hate when it comes to powders haha.

Now let’s move to bronzer and blush. For bronzer again it’s been mentioned many times and it’s the only one I really use anymore it’s the all so raved about hoola bronzer it’s warm toned and gives you a brown goddess look haha. For blush I use the Zoeva coral spectrum pallet you can see on the picture I use the top left one the most I just apply a tiny bit as it is so pigmented to the apples of my cheeks.

Highlight time! My all time fav highlighter is Anastasia glow kit. I always go back to this even when I try and branch out to use new ones my favourite shade is white sand as you can see haha hitting pan on that one it’s just blinding and what I like about this pallet is that it is suitable for all skin tones and you can find the right shade and glow for you.

Brow game time, Ive included something for everyone so there’s a pomade and a pencil the pomade I use is the Anastasia dip brow again a well known and loved product. I use the shade dark brown and with an angled brush I carve the shape of my brows, pomades are best if you want a bold brow where as if you want a more natural brow I recommend the It brow pencil it’s a thin pencil which allows you to do little lines to mimic the appearance of hairs to give you fuller brows. To top it all of i use the Anastasia brow gel not to sure of the colour and it has come of at the bottom, truly used and loved.

Next my favourite part eye shadow, I love a good bold eye as you can tell by these two pallets the first pallet is the sophdoesnails collaboration with makeup revolution it has a range of colours so you have so many options for different eyes you can do a subtle day time look or go bold for a night time look. The next pallet is a little Huda beauty pallet it’s easy to travel with and has a few different colours to do different looks with the middle gold glitter shade is just AMAZING and so pigmented both pallets are I just love them.

Lastly is lips I couldn’t choose as I have so many I love so i narrowed it down to three. First we shall start with Huda beauty lipstick and lipliner duo in the shade vixen this formula is so amazing it honestly feels like you have nothing on your lips, it last for so long and it survives the food test haha. Next we have the all so famous Jeffree Star lipsticks I have chosen the shade crocodile tears, it’s a dark green I know bold but I’m a bold kinda girl, this lipstick with a blue sparkly eye yessssssss! The lipstick does rub off after a couple of hours but I think cause of how bold the colour is this is going to happen as my other Jeffree Star shades are okay and they last. Lastly we can’t forget Nyx Liquid shade this formula is similar to the Huda beauty formula when it drys it is so light on the the lips and doesn’t leave you lips feeling like the Sahara desert also they do sooooo many different shades you will always find a colour to suit you.

Thank you so much for reading I hope I have inspire some of you beauty lovers out there to try new things.

Love you all lots

Paige Hannah


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