Makeup revolution foundation stick review.

Hi guys and gals today I’m going to do a review on the new and hyped foundation sticks by Makeup Revolution.

First of all you can find it in Superdrug’s and some boots stores anywhere that has a makeup revolution stall. It’s a bargain price of just £5 and I used the shade F7, the provide a good shade range so you should hopefully find a shade for you anyways let’s put it to the test. Below is a picture of when I first applied the foundation.

It’s a medium to high coverage foundation definitely buildable, it blended really well and quick I used a flat headed foundation brush to blend it out and after I applied a little bit of powder as the foundation still looked quite wet. I was happy with the finished look, it even hid the redness of my mammoth spot I have at the moment which is impressive haha. After this I went about my day. The picture below is after 3 or 4 hours.

As you can see the foundation lost its coverage and it transferred quite a lot for example I hugged my niece and it’s transferred on to her jumper which is not ideal, after blotting it it wasn’t too bad but again lost more coverage. Also I didn’t have a super active day I just went to my sisters and had a chat with my nieces and nephew. I think for 5 pound you cant really complain you may just have to put a little more powder on places your are oily and I definitely think this may work better on people with dry skin or maybe try a less product or give it time to fully dry before applying a second layer.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed and found it helpful please let me know if you want any products reviewing and il do my best to try it for you lovely lot.

Love you all lots

Paige Hannah


2 Replies to “Makeup revolution foundation stick review.”

    1. Iv never really tried them this is the first iv used, i really want to try this concealer people say it’s like the tarte shape tape which we can’t get in the UK and thank you I love my little plant family 🌵🌼

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