Collective Haul

Hey again guys and gals got another little haul for you lovely people. I have been saving a few bits over the last week or so and I have made some cheeky orders so let’s have a look what we’ve got! I’ve also linked the websites and items to the pictures so you can click and it takes you straight there.

First il start with some gym wear I got these from Pretty little thing, I do apologise for the photos I don’t feel very confident in these at the moment but that’s my aim at the gym. First item is a pair of leggings I love these with the little checkered pattern at the bottom and the bright green strip down the side these were £18 under my ring light these were a little see through but in normal light you can’t see a thing and secondly I got a green tank top it’s super baggy and really low cut at the sides and back, cause of this I didn’t wanna take a photo but I put one below of the model and as you can see this was £12.

Next we have a little order from body shop if you follow my instagram you will see iv had a nightmare with spots and needed to up my skin care game so i bought a few items. First items was the body shop tea tree facial wash this was only £6.50 and up to now working wonders on my skin for a better update go look at my Instagram. Next item was a tea tree pore minimiser and this was £9.00 basically you use this after moisturising and it’s a primer kind of consistency, this gives a blur kind of effect similar to the Benefit Porefessional and lastly I ordered a blackhead remover which is this little metal stick you run across your face and it takes the dirt right out of your pores, it’s brilliant and this was only £4.50! I’ve linked the picture below straight to the tea tree body care range so you can click the picture and go straight there.

Lastly I have two hair care items, the first is a basic well loved tangle teaser I have never tried one of these considering everyone raved over them but I was tired of having a sore head every time I brush my hair like who wants to have a fight with your hair at half 6 in the morning, no one so i picked this one up from the Amazon for £13.95 just a simple pink one and it’s changed my life. Also it is so easy to clean as it has a deep groove straight down the middle so you can pull all the hair out and cause it’s plastic you can wash it without ruining it. Next I bought a hair mask from Lush, it’s not the best smelling hair mask but it leaves you with beautiful soft and shiny hair like something of a shampoo and conditioner advert and all at the cheap price of £9.95.

Thank you all for reading you are best bunch, hope you find something you like.

Lots of love

Paige Hannah


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