Bedroom tour and haul.

Hi again beautiful people today I’m gonna take you on a little tour of my bedroom this blog post isn’t gonna be as chatty as my usual ones as I’m just gonna list the items, prices and where to buy them, but anyways I hope you enjoy.❤️

As we walk into the room this is what you see firstly. Sorry the bed isn’t made properly my husky/Akita refused to move. Also I haven’t listed the photo frames as I got them from loads of different shops over time and the prints are all from Pinterest.

Double lift up ottoman storage bed from Amazon £129.95

Leaf print tapestry from Amazon for £8.79

Two Selji bedside tables from Ikea for £20 each.

Hanging baskets from Amazon for £2.39 for two.

Left plant- Bamboo tree in basket from The Range for £13.99

Right plant- Standing ivy basket from The Range for £10.99

Cushions are both from Amazon Leaf print cushion was £1.99 and the lemon bicycle was also £1.99. These were only the covers though that’s why they were so cheap, weird story when I bought these they put like a weird little gift in every time one time with was a pen and the second time was a cheap beauty blender haha.

Bedding- Double Animal Safari Duvet £12.00 Asda

To the left of my room we have my little tortoise Mister J and my shelves with all my pop vinyls cause I’m a big geek at heart.

Floating shelves- Ikea £8 each

Vivexoticvia tortoise table- Amazon £83.44

Then I have my memories wall with lots of photos of special people in my life.

Next to that I have my chest of draws and my little computer set up.

Chest of draws- Ikea £60.00

Fizz creation A4 peg board- Amazon £9.33

Keyboard Marvel stickers- Amazon couldn’t find them but they have some other cool designs.

This is my makeup and writing table where I have my bullet journal and planner, this table right here is where I organise my life and take photos of my products.

Home calgary corner office desk- Argos £59.99

Alex Draws- Ikea £50

Monte desk chair- Ikea £12.00

Neewer 18” outer ring light- Amazon £64.99

Chindi tone on tone green rug- The Range £4.99

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed and found some room inspiration within this post. Untill next time✌🏼

Lots of love

Paige Hannah


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