Alnwick Holiday Pod Review!

Hey guys and girls, today I’m bringing you a pod review sounds weird right, it’s not don’t worry I went to Alnwick in Northumberland and we stayed in these cute little holiday pods which was surrounded by horses and sheep and a few little piggies too. The pods are Blossom Plantation Pods. Click the picture below to take you the website to look at prices and availability.

It’s a little hard to find but once you do it’s beautiful. Inside you have a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen area. You are also gifted slippers and a dressing gown which come in handy especially since there’s a log fire hot tub.

Right little pod tour coming on now let’s start with the living room which is the first thing you will see entering the pod.

As you can see there’s a sofa and a little telly which has freeview so you can get the basic channels but the tv does had extra HDMI slots in case you wanted to take a gaming console or a firestick. They also provide two little blankets so you can snuggle together on the sofa.

Next to that is the bedroom, you have a bed with four pillows on and the mattress is memory foam so good night sleep for you all, any other thing to mention is there is a hairdryer there so you don’t have to take up space in your luggage for that. Also there is millions of plug sockets dotted around the pod.

Next is the kitchen, you are provided with the basic cutlery and there is a fridge freezer, microwave and electric hobs like what you have on top of your oven, there is no oven but the microwave acts as one if you can figure out the settings also there’s a little sitting area. You can take food with you or go to the local Alnwick shops where they have a coop and a Iceland, they were the ones we found anyways.

Next we have the bathroom where there is a sink, toilet and standing shower, there’s also a heated towel dryer so the two towels your provided can dry so I would recommend taking a few extra towels. One for the girls as well they have a light up mirror so you can check your makeup with he perfect lighting.

Lastly the one you’ve been waiting for the log fire hot tub! When you arrive there’s a wheel barrow filled with wood next to your pod and there’s matches inside so you put the wood in a metal container in the hot tub and the set it alight and then the fire heats the water up in your hot tub, it takes 3 hours from cold to hot, once you’ve done it the once you get the hang of it and then it doesn’t take as long.

One thing is that not much is close by as it is in the country side so you need to have a car and a phone or Satnav with you so you can find things in the area, we was only there for 3 nights so we went to Alnwick castle where a part of Harry Potter was filmed and we also went to Beach and Alnwick City Centre. We also explored the grounds around our pods, some nights when we was sat in our hot tub the sheep would come out on to the grounds and just walk around you and eat the grass it was a surreal experience.

This was the view from my pod how beautiful!

Thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love

Paige Hannah


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