Truth about moving out of your parents house.

Welcome guys been a long time since i last put pen to paper and did a blog post so a lot has changed since I’ve last spoke and now me and my boyfriend of 7 years have moved out of our parents house! 7 years it took us hahaha.

Anyways this is the honest truth about moving out the pros, the cons and all the messy stuff in between.

Firstly I moved out in March and my house is still no where near the way I want it it’s takes so much money and time and when we work full time it is impossible to get things done and stay on top of all the jobs that need doing. Let me just say washing and cleaning pots is endless I feel like that’s all I do in life haha!

But there are so many pros, me and my partner now see each other every day and are closer than ever and ready to start the next chapter of our lives with our big lump of a doggy! Independence and freedom we can literally do what ever we want when we want it’s fantastic. One day a week we have our families down for tea and of a weekend we normally visit at least once, it is so weird not seeing my family every day though and 4 months down the line I’m still not used to it haha but it makes you appreciate all they did for you and shows you how much you love them and how grateful you are for them to be in your life!

Food shopping is quite hard to fit in especially since I work till late and after work the last thing you wanna do is a food shop so we normally do it on a weekend and we do weekly meal plans but thinking of something different to eat every week is a challenge so I bought a cook book for some inspiration. Literally before I moved out I did not cook at all I could make basic stuff like bacon and eggs but had never cooked a proper meal haha that definitely took some getting used to and a lot of FaceTime calls to my little sister with her helping me on how to know when meat is cooked and at the beginning how to use my oven cause it was different than the one at my dads haha! I once grilled my chicken for an hour before realising it was on grill not the oven hahaha! But I’m getting their now slowly but surely.

Literally it all just takes time to get used to and learn, one step at a time and if you have the support around you, you can do it haha! It seems so scary I thought I would be emotional wreck but it was stronger than I thought and you will never know until you try and do it!

Thank you for reading guys! I’m just gonna leave you with a few pictures of my little house!

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